This book originally conceived as a story book for children has evolved into a roadmap and beacon for the spiritual journey towards total fulfillment and contentment.

For the first time, the book displays in depth the rarely revealed and least appreciated friendship facet of and with the Divine. This is the first book showing sakhyatva (Divine Friendship) as the prime reason for appearance of the Supreme Consciousness as Shri Swami Samarth Maharaj of Akkalkot.

The book delivers the key to reach unimaginable worldly and spiritual heights by simply aligning with the All Potent Divine will. The author has captured 20th and 21st century real life stories displaying how God lightens the Karmic loads of (fully surrendered) devotees by dissolving undesirable (negative) desires and traits while permitting auspicious aspirations to fruition. Eventually, everyone is awakened by the Divine or by His ambassadors. The Divine holds our hands as the Friend when invoked, actively powering all of our moves and enlightening us by showering pristine Love, Light and Delight. The book, Eternal Friend amplifies loudly and clearly the importance of being possessed by the Possessor who possesses all the possessions in the Universe, rather than being possessed by our possessions. Least all spiritual aspirants must do is to march ceaselessly till (s)he becomes the unceasing, pure impulse and pulse of the Love, Light, Serenity and Bliss of the One without a second, the Divine One.

About Author

Mukund M. Hanumante, a student of yoga and vedic philosophy for last 28 years is a householder. He resides in New Orleans, with his family. He has co-authored 70 plus peer reviewed scientific research papers. Currently he is working with well known Life Insurance Company in the US.